There is a place for you and every member of your family Sundays 9:45 a.m. until 10:45 a.m. From newborn through the most mature age, Sunday School offers sound, age-appropriate Bible teaching and a home base for relationship-building fellowship and caring ministry. It is through the Sunday School organization that members find a "small" church within the church.  Descriptions of each class are listed below.


Babies, Creepers & Toddlers



The goal of our nursery is to provide a safe and loving   environment for small children as their parents attend Bible study and worship services and to introduce Jesus and His love at an early age.











This class is made up of four year olds through Kindergarten.  It is located in the Kids Zone, first door on the right, just follow the rainbow. 

In this class the children are taught the basics, the Bible is made up of two parts, the New Testament and the Old Testament. The children learn from all the stories read and learn these stories are ALL TRUE from God.
Come join the fun.


Children’s Department

The children’s Sunday school department at Faith Baptist combines creative teaching elements and hands on learning to teach kids Bible truths and teach them specific ways to apply it to their lives.  Age specific content is based on the Levels of Biblical Learning and packaged in a way the help you disciple kids and strengthen families.

Youth Department

The Youth Department encompasses 6th to 12th grade.  The goals are to provide a connection for youth in the church, in the community, and to lead them to a saved relationship with Jesus Christ.



This class includes singles, younger adults and anyone who hasn’t found the “just right place” for fellowship and Bible study.  The goal is to share God’s word with one another and reach out to those who are looking for a place to meet with fellow Christians and friends.


The Sojourner’s class is a friendly and family-oriented class comprised of both married and singles, who consider themselves “pretty cool eclectic people”.  This class is active in church-wide projects and ministries.  The emphasis of Sojourners is on growth through the study of God’s Word. 


Faithful Servants Sunday School Class

Faithful Servants Sunday School class is a very active class.  We love being together, so anytime we work for our church it is like a social.  We have various activities for the group three times a month.  We always include anyone who wishes to join us. The average age of the group is 65+.  The Faithful Servants objective is to reach out and help when and where the need arises, whether it be monetary, social or hard work.


Faith Bible Study Class

This class, which meets in the rear of the sanctuary, does not use literature.  The class selects a book of the Bible that they want to study and the teacher does a verse by verse expository study of the book each Sunday morning.  They work through the book in however much time it takes and then selects another book to study.  Some books take up to a year and a half to complete, but is very educational and rewarding study.

The class welcomes all adults, couples or individuals who prefer this type of Bible study.  The class enjoys fellowship, learning and ministering together.











Upcoming Events:

       Every Sunday & Wednesday night Youth meet at Faith Baptist Student Center

       First Saturday of each month! Good food, fun, and fellowship.